Site carpeting: protection and safety

Construction site carpeting provides protection and safety during work. This floor covering protects surfaces. There are different types of temporary protection. Decommissioned carpet is an interesting solution for surface protection. Discover all its advantages!

What is site carpet?

Definition and Features


Site carpet is a temporary protection used during construction work. It can take different forms, depending on the needs of the worksite. This floor covering is laid with double-sided adhesive, making it easy to remove when the work is finished.


Different types of site carpet


There are different types of site carpet depending on their use:


  • Needle-punched carpet is often used to delimit work areas. Often red in color, it ensures visibility even in low light conditions. It is packaged in rolls.


  • Decommissioned carpet tiles are useful for economical floor covering. We can supply this type of covering on request.


Benefits of Temporary Protection Carpet

Its aim is toensure safety and comfort on the worksite:

  • Protect the floor from dirt and splashes of paint or other products;
  • Define safe traffic zones to organize the worksite;
  • Provide a non-slip surface for safe working.
  • Limits the use of polyane.

Products related to Site Carpet

Anti-slip rubber gratings


A rubber grating complements site carpeting. It enables workers to wipe off their shoes as they enter and leave the site. This prevents their shoes from slipping and protects the protective carpet from soiling.

Impact Protection Panels


Impact protection panels can be installed on walls or floors. They can complement protective tarpaulins or carpets. Their role is not only to protect surfaces, but also to cushion the impact of work.


Ecological solutions: De-Classified carpets


What is downgraded carpet?


A decommissioned carpet is one that has been deposited. It cannot be reused, as its aesthetic appearance does not permit this. However, it does provide ideal temporary site protection. These carpets are available in 50×50 or 100×100 formats.

Ecological and economic benefits


The reuse of obsolete carpet tiles gives them a second life. Rather than buying new protection, this promotes the circular economy. Your impact on the environment is reduced, especially as these carpets will be recycled at the end of the project.


Another advantage of this carpet is its economy. By opting for a downgraded carpet, you're choosing an inexpensive product that's just as effective.


Buying Advice and Personalization


Choosing the right site carpet


First and foremost, your floor protection needs to match your requirements. Downgraded carpet is suitable for delimiting and covering an area. However, it is not waterproof, so it cannot be used in damp conditions. It is well suited to indoor work. For outdoor use, waterproof, non-slip tarpaulins are preferable.


Customization options


It is possible to personalize your site carpet by :

  • Choosing a specific color;
  • Using the colors of your corporate identity;
  • Featuring your company logo and name.


Orak's services


Orak can supply you with decommissioned carpet tiles for your worksites. We sort more than 30,000 m² per month in our workshops, so we can collect this material in advance of your worksite. These provide effective protection for your floors. However, we also offer other services:


  • Pre-delivery carpet cleaning with our maintenance service we can clean the carpet before delivery to your customer, this will drastically reduce unnecessary tile replacement and guarantee a homogeneous floor.



  • Carpet reuse During the deconstruction phase, we offer to reuse carpets in good condition for your future worksites, and we can keep damaged tiles to transform them into protective carpets for future worksites.


  • New carpet sales We sell high-quality carpets for use in professional spaces. These carpet tiles meet the requirements of the RE2020 standard and can be rented for the marketing suite. They are also available for rental or sale with a full range of services for future occupants.

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