Go from owning to using carpet with Karpet Prime®

An all-inclusive solution, from carpet recommendation to end-of-use buy-back, including our core business, maintenance!

Our approach

Through Karpet Prime®, Orak guarantees the traceability, cleanliness and durability of your floors.

Adjustable rent throughout the contract

Adjustable rent throughout the contract

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Control and reduction of the overall carbon impact

Control and reduction of the overall carbon impact

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Drastic waste reduction and traceability

Drastic waste reduction and traceability

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Manufacturer's warranty backed by a ten-year warranty

Manufacturer's warranty backed by a ten-year warranty

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Maintenance adapted to your use, which allows the reuse of the slabs in the long term

Maintenance adapted to your use, which allows the reuse of the slabs in the long term

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Mapping of your carpet fleet accessible at any time

Mapping of your carpet fleet accessible at any time

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How it works

Carpet tiles are no longer consumables but semi-durable goods.


Eco-designed products for a more sustainable future

Choose a new or reused carpet on Orak's platform, and our experts will advise and support you. Karpet Prime products are eco-designed or re-used, guaranteeing technical characteristics suitable for future re-use or recycling, from leading brands such as Balsan, InterfaceIVC, MillikenModulyss, Shaw Contract.


Tracing, for better durability

The registration of the product and technical elements is done in a database.

The goal is to ensure its traceability and keep all the technical documentation, to maintain a high resale value and have all the elements available for future reuse.


Glue-free installation for easy removal

The carpet tiles are installed by flooring and carpet design partners. We prefer glue-free installation.

It has the advantages of limiting waste and volatile organic compounds. It preserves the condition of the substrate and underlayment. Future removal will be simplified and the value of the raised floor will be preserved. For cement floors, there will be no more patching between two lays.


Regular maintenance is a guarantee of durability

Before you move in, Orak's "Texticians" make sure your carpet is perfectly clean. Once the premises are in operation, our maintenance contract is deployed to guarantee clean carpets all year round. This key step doubles the product's lifespan.

Stain removal and cleaning operations are carried out throughout the year, according to your needs. They can be more or less frequent, depending on your needs. Unnecessary changes of carpet tiles and visual deterioration of the floor are thus avoided. Your textile floor remains impeccable and welcoming all year round.

In case of emergency, you have an ORAKORNER at your disposal (optional). This easy-to-use tool allows your cleaning company to act quickly and efficiently.


40-80% reuse of carpet tiles

In the event of a change of premises or textile flooring, at Orak we ensure the removal and management of the end of life of your textile floor, for reuse or recycling, on your behalf.

Tiles in good condition are bought back by Orak or reused in your future premises, on a secondary site or in another customer's space.

Damaged parts are returned to the factory to generate new carpet tiles or to be recycled for energy purposes.

Textile tiles are therefore fully exploited.


Our purchase and long-term rental prices

At Orak you can buy or rent your textile floor.

The sales rates include the supply of carpet tiles and at least 2 years of maintenance. For the lease, the maintenance program is based on the duration of the lease from 1 to 6 years. For more information about our rental offers, please contact us.

You can add the services you need: installation, removal, scheduled maintenance, end-of-use management...

The longer we look after your carpet, the higher its resale value.


Switching to use changes everything!

8 tons of CO²

saved on per 1,000 m² by opting for the reuse of carpet tiles

16M.liters of water saved

per 1,000 m² by opting for the reuse of your carpet tiles

+40% reuse

From 40% to 80% reuse on textile floors maintained by Orak's teams

Our offer

You too can switch to carpeting with Karpet Prime®

"Orak is an experienced partner in this field. It provides a quality service with scheduled logistics, accompanied by these factual reports (before/after)."
Alexandre ROSSIGNOL Bouygues immobilier
"Teams always available, even between scheduled monthly services, for emergencies (coffee accidents on our reception areas), with exceptional responsiveness."
Christian ANASTACIO Chief Operating Officer, Amgen
"Quality cleaning with professional teams who adapt to our schedules and constraints, interventions are regular and stains are treated until they disappear."
Laëtitia GUITTET Rexel

Questions about Karpet Prime®

Don't hesitate to ask us your questions live

Can I order a product sample?

Samples of new products are sent directly from the manufacturer to your address. For reused products, samples are limited and depend on the quantity recovered. You can also visit our showroom by appointment to see the samples.

Can I mix a new product with a used one?

The mix of products is strongly recommended. Indeed, reused material is rarely available to cover the entire area envisaged, so it is recommended to combine it with new materials. For a guaranteed visual effect, it is suggested to choose contrasting colors; For example, combine black with grey or beige with brown. Opting for a color unit is not recommended due to the possible variations between manufacturing baths.