Maintenance & renovation

Orak offers tailor-made maintenance programs to keep floors clean, healthy and pleasant to live on.

Our approach

Recognized and certified for our tailor-made approach


We always start with an expert appraisal followed by a test to establish a diagnosis.

Orak carries out a precise inventory of the carpet tiles by considering the quality, colour, footfall, etc. This step makes it possible to define the most suitable program, thus ensuring a clean and healthy soil throughout the year.


At the end of the test, a maintenance plan is proposed.

An exclusive action plan is put in place when it comes to a carpet that has been installed for more than a year. The installation of an Orakorner® prior to the deployment of the program makes it possible to detach the tiles from the outset for new carpets.

A sustainable, cost-effective approach

800 kg of CO²

saved when you don't replace 100 m² of carpets. An efficient maintenance process orchestrated by Orak helps to avoid this.

75% water saved

compared to traditional solutions. The Orak method does not result in any releases to the environment. m² of carpet

cleaned every year by our Texticians, making Orak the expert in the renovation and maintenance of textile floors.

Innovations & ethics

Recognized and certified for our tailor-made approach

Orak machines are specifically designed to clean carpets, whether they are tiles or strips. In fact, their adapted weight, the rotation system and the mass distribution make it possible to clean without damaging the fibres. After 30 factory cleanings, no degradation was found.

The OrakScrub®, this motorized telescopic pole, allows operators to easily and efficiently detach the carpet. This battery-powered auxiliary equipment, always at hand, revolutionizes stain removal operations. Indeed, it allows you to act quickly. It also avoids bending down and thus prevents musculoskeletal risks.

In 2017, Orak embarked on the creation of its own product range in order to meet the new demands of a market that wanted more transparency. After two years of research and development, Orak launched it in early 2019 with the aim of:

  • To have a perfect command of their composition,
  • Products designed and manufactured in France,
  • Reduce carbon footprint,
  • To perfectly meet European standards,
  • Improve formulations to increase the longevity of treated surfaces,
  • Have them inspected annually by an independent inspection body,
  • To create products that are more respectful of their environment and living space after application.
Our offers

Our maintenance programs

Orak Oneshot

A solution for repairing carpets after a period of work or at the end of the lease in order to recover the security deposit. 99% result.


Included in the offer :

  • 1 thorough vacuum cleaning
  • 1 global or zone cleaning using the Orak method
  • 1 stain removal for specific stains (coffee, glue, chewing gum, ink, etc.)

Orak Premium

A specific offer for light carpets.


Included in the offer :

  • 2 carpet cleanings per year
  • 2 cleanings of corridors and meeting rooms between each overall cleaning
  • 1 manual spotting of the entire building every two or three months (depending on surface area)
  • 6 emergency interventions within 24 hours on request (up to 50 m²)

Orak Confort

A complete carpet care program, ensuring that your carpet looks and hygiene perfectly.


Included in the offer :

  • 1 carpet cleaning per year
  • 1 second pass on corridors and meeting rooms during the contract period
  • 1 mechanical spotting of all carpeted surfaces every two or three months (depending on surface area)

Orak Zen

An offer suitable for new carpets or dark carpets.


Included in the offer :

  • 1 carpet cleaning per year
  • 1 second pass on traffic and meeting rooms during contract period
  • 1 mechanized stain removal from meeting rooms and corridors on a monthly or bimonthly basis (depending on surface area)

Orak Mobilier

An innovative solution with guaranteed results for fabric and leather furniture.


As with textile floors, a test is carried out to determine the most suitable method (refreshing or deep cleaning).

This offer is particularly well-suited to Flex Office and Co Working spaces, so that furniture is always clean and welcoming to passing users.

"Orak is an experienced partner in this field. It provides a quality service with scheduled logistics, accompanied by these factual reports (before/after)."
Alexandre ROSSIGNOL Bouygues immobilier
"Teams always available, even between scheduled monthly services, for emergencies (coffee accidents on our reception areas), with exceptional responsiveness."
Christian ANASTACIO Chief Operating Officer, Amgen
"Quality cleaning with professional teams who adapt to our schedules and constraints, interventions are regular and stains are treated until they disappear."
Laëtitia GUITTET Rexel

Carpet care questions

Don't hesitate to ask us your questions live

What Carpet Cleaning Techniques
Do you propose?

We offer an exclusive Orak method, the products are developed by our R&D department, in order to ensure a quality result.

How long does it take for carpet to dry after cleaning?

The carpets can be put back into service one to two hours after our visit. Thanks to a perfect control of our process, we limit the downtime of the premises.

How can you ensure that carpet cleaning does not leave allergenic residues?

We test our products once a year via an independent control office that guarantees that the residues left behind by our products are not allergenic to human health and that they meet European standards.

Do you offer cleaning services for emergencies or special tasks?

Yes, we have the ability to respond to emergencies. To this end, we have even created an Orakorner device that allows you to have simple and effective equipment available on your premises to deal with emergencies.

What is the importance of regular cleaning?

What is the importance of regular cleaning?

Do you offer tests for carpet cleaning?

We offer free tests to show you that our solution meets your expectations in terms of carpet cleaning results.

What are your areas of intervention?

We operate in Île-de-France, Hauts-de-France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Occitanie, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, and Brittany for carpet maintenance and removal services. For the sale of reused carpets, we handle national and international requests.


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Your business deservesquality carpet care services for a clean, professional environment. With a thorough cleaning tailored to your floor covering, you can improve its durability. The better the carpet is maintained, the less likely it is to need premature replacement. Discover our complete solutions to meet the specific needs of your corporate carpet...

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